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Classic Characters

ID Blink

Antonio "Nio" Costello

Birthplace Forest City, IL
Birthdate October 17
Age 13
Marital status Single
Known family Marcelo (father), Lucy (mother), Luke (older brother), Sam (younger brother)
Occupation Junior high school student
Base of operations Forest City, IL
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Distinctive features Blink has an athletic build and attractive features. He wears studs in each of his ears.
History It is unclear how Blink exactly gained his powers. On a camping trip near the local nuclear plant, he and his friends encountered a strange woman in the woods who said she saw in the children great power. That night, the young teens were engulfed in an eerie, phosphorescent fog, where Nio thought he saw falling stars in the sky. Over the course of the next few weeks, he discovered his speed was increasing on a daily basis. The kids decided to become the TNTeens and discover just where their abilities came from.
Personality Blink is a huge sports fan, and enjoys watching and participating in all variety of sporting activities. He's sees himself as very smooth with the ladies, and he's not far from the truth. As a middle child, he is always vying for attention of some sort. He is best friends with Cruise.
Powers Blink can run at megahuman speeds, currently approaching 80 mph. The fact that he is still growing and developing his ability suggests his top speed has yet to be attained.
Skills He is moderately skilled in many forms of sports and physical activities, such as basketball, hockey, bicycling, swimming, running, baseball, volleyball, football, and soccer.
Costume designed by Kimberlee and Todd S. Tuttle
Copyright © 2000–2019 Todd S. Tuttle
All content and characters copyright
© 1984–2019 by Todd S. Tuttle/TNT Comics
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