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Classic Characters

ID Brahma
Name Brewster "Bruce" Michaelson
Birthplace Reno, NV
Birthdate January 3
Age 23
Marital status Single
Known family Joseph (father), John (younger half-brother)
Occupation Medical student
Base of operations Los Angeles, CA
Height 6'6-1/2"

243 lbs.

Hair Brown
Eyes Brown (White as Brahma)
Distinctive features Brahma has a very muscular build and attractive features with heavy eyebrows.
History Descended from the Pueblo Nation of Native Americans, Brewster came into the possession of the ancient amulet belonging to the tribe's traditional hero, Buffalo Brave. Instead of adopting that name, he chose to use his high school football team nickname of Brahma.
Personality Brahma is friendly and amiable and gets along with almost everyone. He is calm and level-headed with nerves of veritable steel.

Brahma has no innate megapowers.

The Buffalo Brave amulet he wears grants him mega-strength, invulnerability, and the ability to leap tremendous distances. His powerful punch can shatter steel. It also mystically conceals his secret identity, despite the fact that the only cosmetic change he undergoes is his eyes turning white. The amulet may have some sort of limited sentience as well.

Skills Brewster is undergoing medical training to become a general practitioner. He is a skilled paramedic and natural athlete.  
Costume designed by Todd S. Tuttle
Copyright © 1984–2019 Todd S. Tuttle
All content and characters copyright
© 1984–2019 by Todd S. Tuttle/TNT Comics
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