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ID Leo
Name Kimberlee "Kim" Kunz Tuttle
Birthplace Elgin, IL
Birthdate August 12
Age 38
Marital status Married to Todd/Toxik
Known family Myles (father); Eydie (mother); Myles (younger brother); Todd/Toxik (husband); Maxine, Trinity and Cassandra (triplet daughters); Michael (nephew)
Occupation Former graphic designer; homemaker
Base of operations Loves Park, IL
Height 5'6-1/2"
Weight 122 lbs.
Hair Brown (White as Leo)
Eyes Blue-Green (Catlike with blue sclera as Leo)
Distinctive features Kim has beautiful features and an average build. As Leo, Kim's body is purplish-grey and covered in spots and stripes mimicking the tiger, jaguar and cheetah.

When the high school friends known as the Omegas got together in the summer of 1998, little did they know they had a date with destiny. At her laboratory at Ohio Northern University, Sue Bates showed her friends the experimental protoplastic she was working on. Activating the plasma charger, Sue caused an explosion, showering her friends with charged polymer particles. The energy released from the experimental protoplastic gave the men and women megapowers of different kinds.

Personality Kim is sweet, friendly, but a bit shy. She is a loving spouse and mother and often puts others' needs before her own.

Leo is equipped with clawed hands and feet, has enhanced senses and reflexes and is extremely limber and acrobatic. She has an empathic rapport with animals, especially house cats.

Skills She is a skilled cook, artist, writer, desktop publisher, and has a green thumb. She is knowledgeable about soap operas and music.
Costume designed by Kimberlee and Todd S. Tuttle
Copyright © 1999–2018 Todd S. Tuttle
All content and characters copyright
© 1984–2018 by Todd S. Tuttle/TNT Comics
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