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ID Moleculad
Name Tad Thomas
Birthplace Rockford, IL
Birthdate September 14
Age 18
Marital status Single
Known family unknown
Occupation College student and megavillain
Base of operations The Enclave, San Francisco, CA
Height 6'4" (varies)
Weight 180 lbs. (varies)
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Distinctive features Moleculad has a wiry build with large hands and feet. He is almost always stretching his lanky form in some fashion.
History unrevealed
Personality Moleculad is a bit of a prankster and has a wicked sense of humor. He is very loyal to his friends but will hold a grudge against his enemies. Once you cross him, he will never forget. He has a crush on fellow teammate Sandstorm.

Moleculad has complete control over his body's molecules, giving him multiple megapowers which he can use one at a time. He can control his body's density, becoming intangible or increase his mass to over 2-1/2 tons. He can stretch his body up to 60' in length, grow to a maximum height of 21' or shrink to a minimum height of 2-3/8". He can turn invisible to normal, infrared and ultraviolet visions at will with no fringe effect.

He is able to regenerate nonfatal wounds in a matter of minutes, and doesn't need to breathe, sleep or eat. His body is immune to disease and extreme pressures and temperatures. It is also highly resistant to other beings who have the powers of transmutation, power drain and weakness detection.

Skills Moleculad is a skilled contortionist and is double jointed. He is studying architecture in college.
Costume designed by Todd S. Tuttle
Copyright © 1982–2019 Todd S. Tuttle
All content and characters copyright
© 1984–2019 by Todd S. Tuttle/TNT Comics
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