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Classic Characters

ID Talent

Troy Martinez

Birthplace Houston, TX
Birthdate August 17
Age 16
Marital status Single
Known family Guilliermo (father, deceased), Tereza (mother), Christopher/Cricket (younger half-brother)
Occupation Gang member
Base of operations Chicago, IL
Height 5'7"
Weight 123 lbs.
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Distinctive features Talent has a wiry build and average features.

Troy's father died when she was 5. To give Troy a better home, her mother moved to Houston and later married an Asian man named Toshiaki. The marriage was rocked with problems, and a new baby boy, Christopher, didn't help matters. When Troy was 16, she decided she had had enough of the fighting and chose to run away from home. Christopher talked her into taking him with her, and they finally ended up in Chicago, where they were taken in by Shoq and his street gang.

Personality Troy is very bitter and untrustworthy of others. She feels if she had been raised in a better environment, she could have become something much more. She grudgingly keeps her younger half-brother around; his good luck power had come in handy more than once while they were living on the streets.

By touching a person, Talent can mimic any skill that person possesses, from scientific, medical, athletic, to social. For example, she could decipher an encrypted computer file, successfully perform open heart surgery (with proper tools in a sterile environment), win a gold medal in archery, or earn an Oscar for acting in a motion picture, as long as the person she touched had sufficient skill in that field. The mimicked skill lasts for an hour.

Skills Due to the nature of her power, Talent is skilled for 60 minutes in whatever the person she touches is skilled.
Costume designed by Todd S. Tuttle
Copyright © 1999–2021 Todd S. Tuttle
All content and characters copyright
© 1984–2021 by Todd S. Tuttle/TNT Comics
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