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Classic Characters

ID Tarnish

Tanner Nicholson

Birthplace Northbrook, IL
Birthdate September 20
Age 20
Marital status Single
Known family Adam (father), Elizabeth "Libby" (mother), Grant, Trent, Bryan, Graham, and Dylan (older brothers)
Occupation Gang member
Base of operations Chicago, IL
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs.
Hair Dark blonde
Eyes Blue-green
Distinctive features Tarnish has handsome features and an athletic build. He is at the peak of human physical perfection.

While in high school, Tanner earned a full athletic scholarship to Northwestern University for his outstanding performances in baseball, football, swimming, track, and basketball. He also earned honors on the debate team, drama club, A/V club, and science club, was named to the homecoming court (freshman through junior years) and as homecoming king (senior year). He was class valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. With his good looks, friendly personality and athletic prowess, he gained the nickname "Golden Boy" in the regional newspapers.

But all that changed when Tanner was a junior in college. A surprise random drug test revealed a large mix of steroids in his blood, most of them experimental. He was also accused of throwing games when his huge gambling debts were exposed, and evidence came to light that he had cheated on exams and bought term papers. Expelled from school and disgraced in the eyes of his well-to-do family, Tanner felt he had no future in society and hit the streets.

Personality Tarnish is spoiled and very disillusioned with his parents, feeling that his need to please them caused his downfall. He seeks to reclaim his former social stature within Shoq's organization, and thinks he is more important than he really is.

Tarnish has megahuman strength, speed, and stamina.

Skills He is a skilled athlete, especially in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and track and field events.
Costume designed by Todd S. Tuttle
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