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TNTeens #0

Uniguard Mobile #1

Uniguard Mobile #2

  UNIGUARD Mobile #1
The United Nations Building, New York City.
Inside the General Assembly, diplomats from all around the world discuss and debate various policies concerning a myriad of topics.
"Chile votes yes on the matter at hand."
"Does anyone object to the vote?"
A voice from overhead rings out in the assembly hall: "I object!"
"I object to your attempts at world government!"
"Anarchy must reign! So says Psynapse!"
"All right, freak, let her go. You're under arrest!"
"No, my good man, it is you who will let go... let go of control of your actions!"
Now under the spell of Psynapse's mind control, the guards begin to fight each other!
"When I control the U.N., I will control the world!"
"You're getting a bit ahead of yourself, Psynapse! You have to go through UNIGUARD first!"

"UNIGUARD?! You heroes can't stop me, Prism!"

"Now hold on a second, Psynapse..."

"No, you hold on! The world shall soon begin a new age..."
From seemingly out of nowhere, the shrunken hero Micron swoops in and delivers a super-strong punch to Psynapse's jaw!
"Nice work, Micron!"
"Thank you, Aura!"
"Way to go! That put an end to this guy quick!"
"Don't gloat, UNIGUARD! I'm not done yet!"
Waves of power wash over the exiting U.N. diplomats, and their thoughts become Psynapse's will!

"Destroy them, my minions! Destroy UNIGUARD!"

"Uh-oh. I think we're in trouble..."

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